Adam Hodgson

Years of Participation

Regional Culinary Director Chef Adam Hodgson is a seasoned professional who has been in the food and beverage industry for nearly 20 years. Hodgson has been with the 5th Street Group since 2012, first hired as a line cook and quickly promoted to sous chef after Church and Union Charlotte’s opening.

Chef Adam moved to Charleston in 2015 for the opening of Church and Union Charleston where he was promoted to Executive Chef. In 2020, Hodgson was promoted to the Regional Culinary Director for all of 5th Street Group. Chef Adam now oversees all the culinary decisions for 5th Street Group in the southeast. He currently resides in Nashville where he created the menu for the newest 5th Street Group restaurant, Church and Union. “I took a step back and moved to Charlotte in 2021 in order to learn under Chef Lynch and took a line cook position to get my foot in the door,” shared Hodgson. “Within no time I started moving up the ranks and began working in all locations as expansion happened.”

Upon completion of his degree in culinary arts from Johnson and Wales University, Hodgson moved to Charlotte, N.C. and began honing his skills as a line cook at Patou French Bistro. He worked his way up to sous chef within a year and a half before transitioning to Roosters Wood Fired Grill as a line cook under Chef Ramon Tiamanglo. Training under Tiamangle, Hodgson learned the art of fabricating whole animals, fish and farm vegetables and grew the restaurant’s impressive charcuterie program. In 2007, Hodgson went out west to Colorado to get a feel for large game and grilling techniques while working with elk, bison, rattlesnake and other meats at The Fort restaurant in Morrison, C.O.

Appearing on Season 23 of Beat Bobby Flay, Hodgson is making a name for himself and is known for his refined cooking style that revolves around the core components of every dish. Sourcing locally grown, seasonal ingredients, he works to highlight the quality of the food, demonstrating that food in its simplest form can often produce the most complex flavor experience. “My main priority is always the integrity of the food that I’m cooking. At all our 5th Street Group locations, we strive to get our hands on the freshest ingredients possible, pairing them with perfect technique and giving guests a visual and palatable story through their food.”