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Hands-on Class, Wellness | 21+ Only

Feed Your [intention]

Magnolia Conservatory



For this hands-on class we are asking you to join us for a full body experience rooted in food, wellness, and exercise. Featuring The Works, Sarah Frick’s trademarked combination of full-body vinyasa features a curated blend of yoga asana, pranayama (breath), plyo (jumping/heart-pumping moves), core, and strength work. Taking place at Magnolia Conservatory among an array of tropical flora and surrounded by grand cypress trees, this class is rooted in strength + beauty.

Following the class you will fuel your body with a bounty of healthy bites and sips.

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What can I expect?
– All Charleston Wine + Food events are all-inclusive.
– We are still working diligently to confirm talent, so check back regularly for updates.
– Dress code is exercise attire. Please bring or wear socks.
– You must be 21+ to attend this event (no children or infants).
– Event locations are subject to change.
– No pets are permitted.
– Food allergies: Accommodations cannot be made at this event.