Save the Dates: March 4 – 8, 2020

Charleston Wine + Food

Tasting Notes


#WhyIWineandFood: Vonda Freeman

#WhyIWineandFood: Vonda Freeman A bottle of Veranillo Del Monte Chino. That’s the wine, above all others, that Indigo Road Wine Director Vonda Freeman would pair with the experience of being in Charleston for the first time. “Veranillo is something that’s definitely got a rusticity to it, it’s got a lot…
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#WhyIWineandFood: Ann Marshall

#WhyIWineandFood: Ann Marshall An avid connoisseur of wine + food and a supporter of small + local Lowcountry businesses, Ann Marshall of High Wire Distilling embodies the true essence of a passionate Charlestonian. Raised in Orangeburg, Ann Marshall was always close to Charleston, letting her love for the city flourish…
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#WhyIWineandFood: Caitlyn Mayer

Sustainability, community, and good meals are a few of the things Charleston’s “oyster queen” Caitlyn Mayer holds close to her heart. Caitlyn + her husband, Peter, opened Charleston Oyster Farm in 2016. Today, Caitlyn + Peter run the farm with Peter's brother, Tom. With HQ located just over the bridge…
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#WhyIWineandFood: Tim McManus

Upon entering Hed Hi Media, the first thing you’ll notice is the immense collection of street art on the walls. Tim McManus, owner + founder of Hed Hi, says of the pop art collection, “Yeah, it’s kind of an obsession at this point, we’re running out of wall space.” Bold…
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