Beverage Classroom Lead

DATES OF CONTRACT: Wednesday, March 6 – Sunday, March 10


REPORTS TO:  Event Director / Beverage Workshop Lead


CONTRACT OVERVIEW: This role is primarily designed, but not limited to ensuring all Beverage Workshops at the Beverage Classroom (12, total) are executed in a professional, efficient and successful manner. This person will be expected to spend one full day in the Warehouse familiarizing himself/herself with the Beverage Classroom schedule, needs + expectations prior to the festival. Once festival begins, they will spend Thursday, Friday + Saturday at the Beverage Classroom ensuring that turnover is smooth + efficient and that instructors/attendees have everything they need onsite.



  • Skills Required are the ability to lift 25 lbs + stand for periods of time, great interpersonal skills, and extreme attention to detail. The ideal candidate is a quick problem-solver, a strong leader, and very organized  + enthusiastic. They must be self-sufficient in processing details + ideas, as well as willing to take + act on direction.