2023 Friends of the Festival Enrollment

Charleston Wine + Food is a catalyst for connections that inspires curiosity through thoughtful storytelling + meaningful experiences with a sense of place. At the heart of it, we are an organization that believes that human connection is the most powerful force on Earth and shared stories are the catalyst for this connection. Stories define us, connect us, and give us a sense of place + purpose in life.

As we prepare for a 2023 festival season filled with heart, flavor, and Lowcountry flare, we hope that you will consider joining our festival family. Our mission is to celebrate, educate, enrich, and promote the Lowcountry’s diverse culinary + hospitality community through world-class experiences, and we remain committed to uplifting and driving business towards those in our community. As a Friend of the Festival, you champion not only our higher purpose as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, but also the Charleston culinary + hospitality community at large.

We value + appreciate your eagerness to support both Charleston Wine + Food and the industries that define + connect our community.  Your commitment will allow us to continue to create meaningful experiences that foster human connection in 2023 and beyond.

Program Details

The 2023 Friends of the Festival program will run from August 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023 

Key Dates

October 5 @ 11 AM ET: The full schedule will be released on chswf.com to all enrolled Friends of the Festival

October 6 @ 11 AM ET – October 12 @ 5 PM ET: VIP Early Access ticket purchasing on chswf.com

2023 Benefits

Early Access to Tickets

Opportunity to secure tickets before public on-sale, which will be taking place in October of 2022 

Individual Members are able to secure up to:

– 2 tickets per Signature Dinner, Brunch, Lunch, and Unique Meal

– 4 tickets per Beverage Workshop, Hands-On Class, and Excursion

– 6 tickets per Signature Event

Duo Members are able to secure up to:

– 4 tickets per Signature Dinner, Brunch, Lunch, and Unique Meal

– 6 tickets per Beverage Workshop, Hands-On Class, and Excursion

– 10 tickets per Signature Event

Ticket Stipend

Friends receive a portion of their membership fee back in the form of a ticket stipend (Individual Membership: $1,250, Duo membership: $2,500)

Concierge Service

Personal concierge service to help with all ticketing and Charleston Wine + Food needs

Tax Deductibility

A portion of the 2023 Friends program is tax-deductible; please consult your tax advisor as to the tax deductibility of this membership   

Festival Badge

Each member receives one badge (valued at $1,500) granting access to a variety of the festival’s most highly anticipated events, including:

– VIP Party

– Opening Night

– The Lawn @ Culinary Village: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

– The Lawn @ Culinary Village VIP Lounge

Friends Entrances

Access to badged entrances for dedicated + expedited entrance at select festival events

Friends of the Festival Brunch

Exclusive brunch hosted at a local restaurant

CHSWF Code of Conduct

People First. Community. Good Stewardship.

These are the driving principles of Charleston Wine + Food… and we ask that they drive your own participation in our community gathering.

We hope you will enthusiastically support our organizational Code of Conduct, which is a pretty basic recipe for “Being a Good Human:”

– Be yourself! Participating authentically lends your uniqueness to the tapestry that is our festival.
– Know that we have zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination. If you are a target, please let us know. Harassment and discrimination can include, but are not limited to, offensive comments pertaining to disability, physical appearance or body type, gender, gender identity, sexuality, mental or cognitive function, religion, body size, race, or ethnicity.
– Violence and threats of violence will not be tolerated; the “heat of the moment” is not an excuse.
– Deliberate intimidation, unwelcome sexual attention, and other aggressions like mis-gendering or harassing will not be tolerated.

If you feel victimized in any way as a part of your participation at Charleston Wine + Food, please report immediately. Any violations of our code of conduct will be investigated immediately and mitigated.

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