MARCH 1-5, 2023

Charleston Wine + Food

In our 16th festival we celebrated our recipe: a collective of artists, culinary visionaries, craftsmen, bartenders, brewers, purveyors, couriers, farmers, event staff, sanitation assistants, security guards, writers, musicians, prep chefs, servers, restaurateurs, guests, and Charlestonians. Together, amazing things happened.

When we began planning for this year’s Charleston Wine + Food festival there were countless unknowns. As we navigated putting on a live event amidst a global pandemic, we asked ourselves + our hospitality community how we could best support them – an industry hit so hard over the past two years. There were new venues. There were new policies. There were new initiatives. 

What was crafted was pure magic. ✨

We came together in a way we hadn’t experienced in so long and it felt great to do so by your side. Planning this reunion during extraordinary times seemed both daunting + exciting. The opportunity to reconnect our community was motivation enough to push through. 

This non-profit organization was created to celebrate, educate, enrich, and promote the Lowcountry’s diverse culinary + hospitality community through world-class experiences. Together, we make the mission a reality. 

Thank you for being a part of the 2022 Charleston Wine + Food festival. We could not have done it without the hundreds of volunteers, supportive officials, friends old + new, sponsors, and all who helped us return this year. Was it perfect? Nope – few homemade dishes are; but they’re still delicious. And this one was certainly worth savoring.

THANK YOU. However YOU say it, know that we really mean it as we close the books on the 2022 festival. We truly believe we are BETTER TOGETHER. 



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