We’re so excited to have you participate in the 2022 festival. Please read through this page in its entirety for all of the overarching festival logistics you need to know and reach out to your Charleston Wine + Food contact with any questions.


How We Are Keeping You Safe

We are extremely grateful to present a live event during this extraordinary time, and we know that keeping each other safe during festival events will require collaboration. This festival runs on the creativity and talent of our culinary community; and we’re doing all we can to keep you safe during the ‘22 Festival!


About our COVID-19 Policy

Because we recognize a return to producing live events requires a delicate balance, Charleston Wine + Food has partnered with MUSC Health to develop several policies, protocols, and recommendations for our 2022 festival. MUSC Health’s advice and standards are based on guidance from the CDC, infection control protocols, hospital cleaning standards, and other evidence-based findings. Our festival standards and policies are not intended to replace existing requirements, but rather to supplement in light of challenges posed by COVID-19. MUSC Health continues to play a critical role in the origination of plans and protocols implemented by Charleston Wine + Food for the 2022 festival, with the goal of keeping our attendees, participants, staff and vendors safe.


2022 Festival COVID-19 Entrance Eligibility Policy

Charleston Wine + Food is requiring all guests, staff, talent and vendors to provide proof of full vaccination* against COVID-19 OR provide proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test**, taken within 72 hours of each event you attend/work.

*According to the CDC, people are considered fully vaccinated: ±

– 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

– 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine


**Unvaccinated individuals must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test result. This can come from a medical professional (clinic, pharmacy, public health entity) OR via a FDA-authorized home test that provides a digital resulting option (ie: an app where official results can then be emailed to you). We CANNOT accept photos of your negative test strip nor actual test strips on site.


We ask that you not attend if any of the following is true for you:

COVID-19 Entrance Eligibility

How will entrance eligibility be verified?

We know you’ve got places to be, so we want to make entrance into our events as easy as possible for you. ​​MUSC Health System is allowing our guests and talent to use their digital tool, VaxVerify, to verify entry requirements. You will submit proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 viral test result directly to VaxVerify. MUSC Health staff will verify submissions and send you a unique QR code that you will present at event entry.

How you will verify vaccination status

1. Download the Charleston Wine + Food App (available via Apple App Store or Google Play).

2. Accept the terms and conditions to use MUSC Health’s secure VaxVerify digital tool.

3. Register with your name, email address, phone number and date of birth.

4. Verify vaccination status by filling in the type of vaccine and date(s) of vaccine dose. If you have received a 2-dose vaccination, you will be prompted to fill in the same information for the second vaccination dose. While it is not required at this time, there will also be a place to enter vaccination booster information.

5. MUSC Health will verify all vaccination records and email or text you a QR code per day of the festival to show that you are verified for entry. You will be required to show this QR code prior to being admitted into the event.


– Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for all verifications.

– Please note that for vaccinations received outside of the state of South Carolina a longer verification period is required. Please plan accordingly.

– We recommend saving all your QR codes to your photos on your phone or taking a screen shot for easy access.


How you will verify proof of negative COVID-19 viral test

1. Download the Charleston Wine + Food App (available via Apple App Store or Google Play).

2. Accept the terms and conditions to use MUSC Health’s secure VaxVerify digital tool.

3. Register with your name, email address, phone number and date of birth.

4. Verify proof of negative COVID-19 viral test, authorized by the FDA, by entering test type, brand, date of test, result, and uploading a digital copy of the results.

5. MUSC Health will verify all test results and email or text you a QR code per day that your results meet the event entry requirements to show that you are verified for entry. You will be required to show this QR code prior to being admitted into the event.


– Your provided QR code is valid per day noted on the code.

– COVID-19 test results are valid 72 hours from the time that the test is administered.

– If you are attending multiple festival events, you may be required to re-submit a new proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test result; be sure to note the date of the event in comparison to your QR code expiration date.

– Due to demand, there may be longer-than-average wait times at COVID-19 testing sites, and the labs that process COVID-19 tests. Please plan accordingly, and if traveling, we recommend traveling with approved COVID-19 viral tests.

– Charleston Wine + Food is not responsible for test result delays.

– We recommend saving all your QR codes to your photos on your phone or taking a screen shot for easy access



If you choose to not pre-verify using the MUSC’s VaxVerify digital tool, you will be required to present a vaccination card matching a government issued identification OR a copy of COVID-19 test results matching a government issued identification that meet the entrance requirements to COVID-19 Compliance Check-in staff. Charleston Wine + Food will not accept a photo of the test strip or the physical test. ONLY official negative results from the manufacturer are accepted for at-home tests.



Charleston Wine + Food festival will take place March 2-6, 2022.



As a Media attendee, you will receive one (1) Media Badge allowing you access to various festival events as an attendee. This badge MUST be visible AT ALL TIMES on your person. These badges are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NOT FOR SALE, and no, we’re not kidding. 


Your badge also serves as your entrance to your scheduled festival events. Badges will be scanned upon entry to events. If you have any questions about your badge, please contact Alyssa Smith.


The 2022 Media / Influencer Badge grants access to:

VIP Party

Opening Night

Pinot Envy!

A Punch Paradise

Street Eats

NightCap Friday (VIP access)

Hip Hops Day Party

Side Hustle

NightCap Saturday (VIP access)

The Finale

The Lawn @ Culinary Village: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Industry Lounge

Industry-only Events


Special Invitations

We want to call your attention to the below special spaces and invitations that you should have on your radar as a Media or Influencer attendee. Your badge will grant you access to all the below spaces and events.


INDUSTRY LOUNGE presented by OpenTable

Located in the Culinary Village @ Riverfront Park, in the Side Yard neighborhood of The Lawn. If you are scheduled for a Power-Hour, this is where it will take place.

Consider this your conversation destination! Meet + greet your favorite talent, grab a bite + drink, and mingle in this industry-only space. For a full schedule of food + beverage offerings and media power hours, CHECK HERE.

Industry Lounge Breakfast

Bloody Marys + Biscuits

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Friday – Sunday

MEDIA HAPPY HOUR presented by Discover South Carolina

Please join us for a Media Happy Hour to celebrate getting back together in 2022 at Charleston Wine + Food. Expect stellar snacks + sips, a buzzy crowd, jazzy tunes, and beautiful space for connection.


Saturday, March 5

4:00 – 5:30 PM

30 Murray Blvd.

Charleston, SC 29401


Bites by the 2022 SC Chef Ambassadors

Local oysters

Thoughtfully curated wine + local beer

Spicy Margaritas by Geoff Rhyne of Red Clay Hot Sauce

Live music by Zandrina Dunning

Please RSVP to media@charlestonwineandfood.com

INDUSTRY AFTER PARTY presented by VinePair

Saturday, March 5

11:00 PM – 1:30 AM

Wolfe Street Playhouse

34 Woolfe Street

Charleston, SC 29403


Local Packet Pick Up

Location: Charleston Wine + Food

Address: 635 Rutledge Ave Suite 101, Charleston, SC 29403

Dates: February 14-18, 2022

Times: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Festival Week Packet Pick Up

Location: Counter Culture Coffee

Address: 85 1/2 Spring St, Charleston, SC 29403

Dates: March 2-5, 2022

Times: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Policies + Procedures


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where people are present. By attending Charleston Wine + Food, you expressly agree to comply with any and all rules and safety guidelines put in place by the event organizers, and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, waiving all claims and potential claims against the event organizers and their affiliated companies relating to such risks.


Please note that Charleston Wine + Food will adhere to federal and local mandates and regulations. Organization policies are subject to change.



We like to show off our participating Talent. Through your participation in Charleston Wine + Food you may be photographed or recorded. Participating Talent hereby grants Charleston Wine + Food the right and license to publish, print, display, record and use (by photograph, film, tape, and any other method or device) the participating Talent’s, and all of its credentialed employees’ and guests’, name, voice, image and likeness while at the festival (the “Recordings”), and use such Recordings for any and all purposes, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including and not limited to social media.



Participating Talent is solely responsible for the security of all goods, property, equipment, materials, product or any other items (“Participant’s Property”) that it or its agents, or other representatives bring to the Charleston Wine + Food festival. Charleston Wine + Food shall have no obligation or liability whatsoever for any loss, misplacement or theft of Participant’s Property unless such loss, misplacement, or theft directly arises from the Charleston Wine + Food’s willful misconduct.



As we all have seen over the past 2 years, even the best of plans change. Written notice will be sent to all confirmed Talent if any changes occur to our 2022 festival procedures or protocols.



People First. Community. Good Stewardship.


These are the driving principles of Charleston Wine + Food…and we ask that they drive your own participation in our community gathering.


Thank you – truly – for bringing your talents to the table. We could not do this without you. We hope you will enthusiastically support our organizational code of conduct, which is a pretty basic recipe for “Being a Good Human:”


– Be yourself! Participating authentically lends your uniqueness to the tapestry that is our festival.

– Know that we have ZERO tolerance for harassment or discrimination. If you are a target, please let us know. If you are a violator, we’ll be sure you know. For the record: harassment and discrimination can include but are not limited to offensive comments pertaining to disability, physical appearance or body type, gender, gender identity, sexuality, mental or cognitive function, religion, body size, race, or ethnicity.

– Violence and threats of violence will not be tolerated; the “heat of the moment” is not an excuse.

– Deliberate intimidation, unwelcome sexual attention, and other aggressions like mis-gendering or harassing will not be tolerated.


Any violations of our code of conduct will be investigated immediately and mitigated. 



Charleston Wine + Food is excited to announce that we now have an app! Available for both Apple and Android products, our app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Use this tool to help you navigate the festival landscape and immerse yourself in the Charleston Wine + Food experience. Cheers!