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We’re days away from kicking off this year’s festival, and we wouldn’t be able to spread the word about all of the fun that’s in store without the help from our 2019 Street Team! We’ve handpicked the best-of-the-best that Charleston’s has to offer to bring you the inside scoop from the 2019 festival.


Andrea Serrano


Andrea Serrano, who is familiarly known as Charleston Shop Curator, has been a key ingredient in the vibrant and dynamic growth of Charleston’s style, dining + nightlife scene for over ten years. Leaving the rush and buzz of NYC in search of a laid-back yet stimulating lifestyle, Andrea has found a true home in Charleston, becoming heavily involved in the community + sharing the joy in her many experiences via her blog, Instagram + Pinterest @charlestonshopcurator.


Ashley Brown


On her blog Sweet Southern Prep, Ashley gives readers a taste of the sunny, high-spirited and enchanting life of being just that; a sweet southern prep, right down to her roots. Opening up about balancing life as a mom of four while pursuing her passions of style, cuisine, fitness and more, Ashley is an aspirational shining light for other Charleston moms serving as a reminder that there’s always a little extra time to pour yourself a well-deserved glass of rosé.


Candice Herriott

Food writer and photographer Candice Herriott has graduated from her established food blog and social media handle CHSFoodWriter to her latest venture: podcast “Something Else About Food”. The podcast will introduce listeners to unique and undiscovered culinary communities + their stories, shedding light on Candice’s past experiences throughout her culinary excursions.


Charlotte Park

Started in 2016, Charlotte founded TastemakersCHS; Charleston’s very first culinary social media club that brings together some of the Holy City’s trendsetters that have paved the way for spreading the word on the ultimate Charleston dining experience. Once having founded TastemakersCHS, Charlotte empowered said handpicked influencers to share their local favorites, while also managing her non profit #Crumbs4Charleston.


Christian Senger

Since 2011, local Christian Singer has shared and celebrated his Holy City favorites with his fellow Charlestonians + beyond under his popular alter ego: Holy City Sinner. On his blog, Senger provides an ever-so-epicurean perspective on how to conquer all the food + beverage, events and entertainment that Charleston has to offer.


Jai Jones

Being a veteran of #CHSWFF, Jai Jones knows all too well how a good meal and great conversation can bring people of all faces + places together as one. Through his website and Instagram @jaieats, Jai shares his rotating list of places to wine, dine or grab a frosty local brew.


Johnny Caldwell + Taneka Reeves

Dubbed the curly-haired ladies who talk cocktails daily, Johnny Caldwell and Taneka Reeves live to spill the tea on all of Charleston’s latest trends in craft cocktails and dining from the refreshing, feminine perspective that has proved itself to be on the rise in Charleston’s food + beverage scene. On top of running their Cocktail Bandits brand, the pair are also the authors of Holy Spirits: Charleston Culture Through Cocktails.


Liz Martin

Widely known across social media as The Charleston Weekender, lifestyle blogger + boutique owner Liz Martin’s blog and Instagram are your one-stop-shop for all things Charleston. Her bright and bubbly guide on all of the Holy City’s must-eats, must-haves + must-see is the perfect dose of pop, fizz, clink to making every day feel like the weekend.


Michael Stettner + Ian Palacios

A Texas-bred couple now living in Charleston, Michael Stettner + Ian Palacios have decided to shake things up with a less traditional take on exploring the Holy City and all it has to offer on their @ilovethatforyou account. Founded on the philosophy of “figuring it out together” and a passion for design and cocktails, the dynamic duo invites followers on their journey of taking each day in Charleston one at time, optimistic and thrilled about the surprises the future is sure to bring.


Miguel Buencamino

Writer, photographer, and cocktail aficionado Miguel Buencamino has crafted the perfect blend of original Charleston culinary content that is Holy City Handcraft. On his blog, Miguel raises a glass and combines his take on local dining hotspots and craft cocktail critique with his knowledge rooted in his strong culinary upbringing.


Natalie Mason

Designer Bags + Dirty Diapers has become Natalie Mason’s outlet for sharing life in the Holy City through the lens of a busy yet energetic and fun-loving Charleston mom of two. On her blog, Natalie channels her fellow readers + moms by sharing not only how to dig up the best style deals in town, but her experience with food both inside her own kitchen and in Charleston’s best restaurants. 


Stephanie + Melinda Lee


Sugar, spice + red beans n’ rice, Stephanie and Melinda Lee are the sweet Southern sisters you never had but always wanted. Head over to Charleston Foodie Babe on Instagram for a visually fresh and candid peek into the life of an original Charleston foodie ‘grammer devouring our city’s sweet, savory and everything in between.



Sydney Gallimore + Sydney Turnquist

Finding a rightful home in the Holy City, writer and blogger Sydney Gallimore has crowned herself as the Queen of the Food Age. Joining her empire is Sydney Turnquist, aka Princess of the Food Age. As seen on their blog, Sydney + Sydney make the most of Charleston by dipping their feet into as many local dining and cocktail experiences as they can while also using free time to embark on their own personal culinary adventures in the comfort of their own homes.

- Morgan Follett, Marketing + Communications Intern

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