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A new addition to the Charleston Wine + Food festival lineup is Holi City Shakedown: a late-night bash celebrating the traditional Hindu festival of Holi. A reimagined display, Holi City Shakedown is a night commemorating the festival’s roots in love and unity, combined with our twist of traditional + unfamiliar flavors of Indian cuisine, paired with DJ beats and craft cocktails blooming with flavor. Alternatively (and appropriately) named the Festival of Colors, Holi marks the coming of spring with vibrant explosions of colored powder that decorate the crowds and streets. While these colors are all kinds of bright + beautiful, they can also be messy. Below are some tips + tricks that you’ll want to know to best protect your clothing, hair and other belongings for this ultimate color bombing experience.



  • Wear a hat or bandana to keep your hair color free.
  • Choose your most comfortable pair of shoes that are easy to clean.
  • Keep your prized possessions at home! Leaving your favorite shirt at home will guarantee zero colored powder stains.
  • We suggest covering any cell phones, cameras + other tech with a plastic bag for protection.



  • Step outside to shake off any excess powder prior to washing both hair, clothing  and other belongings.
  • If the powder is still hanging tight onto clothing post-shake, try blowing it off or using a vacuum.  
  • Wash your hair as many times as necessary to ensure all color washes out before you dry off!
  • Rinse all clothing in cold water prior to running a normal wash cycle. This will prevent colors from cross-contaminating garments.
  • If colors persist, wash for another cycle. We also suggest spot cleaning items as needed.


Trust us. This colorful, flavorful extravaganza is one you won’t want to miss and will always remember. Tickets for Holi City Shakedown, the Holy City celebration of the spring season, are moving fast – get yours now!

- Morgan Follett, Marketing + Communications Intern

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