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The stress of everyday life can take its toll. We at Charleston Wine + Food believe some of the best memories are made gathered around the table, drink in hand, with friends + family. Our Charleston beverage professionals are taking a few minutes to help us spread some happiness + share their favorite drinks to help you unwind + destress after a long day.



Morgan Hurley of Mex 1 Coastal Cantina finds joy behind the bar, connecting with guests over the fun + flavor of unique cocktails. Whether you’re having a rough day or celebrating a milestone, he believes there is a cocktail for every situation.


What inspires you behind the bar?

Giving the guest a great experience. When people come to our restaurant it’s time to eat, drink, and socialize. I want to make sure they have the best time and catch a good buzz.


If you could craft a cocktail for anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you serve?

Hopefully one day Will Ferrel makes it to Charleston and Danny McBride brings him into Mex 1 Sullivan’s. Danny is one of my favorite actors only followed by Will Ferrell. I would love to have them come in, feed them tequila, and crack jokes.


What was the best bar conversation you’ve overheard?

I am going to go a different route. When I worked at Blu on Folly Beach, a lot of people come in bathing suits. I saw some wild and terrible tattoos. One guy had a massive $100 bill chest tattoo. It was terrible.


Do you have any advice for would-be bartenders looking to get into the game?

Show up hungry and humble. The best ways to learn to bartend is to get experience as a barback first. Learn how to stock and restock a bar efficiently and before the bartender asks you to do it. Next would be get on the service well on a slow night and learn to make the cocktails without guest interaction. That way you can work on consistency and speed. Lastly, read bartending books, follow cocktail and bartender pages on instagram, and go to seminars and conferences from our local USBG to national events like Tales of the Cocktail. It’s important to always be learning and educating yourself.

Favorite Cocktail: The Hydrator

Nothing beats this hangover cure!


Coconut Water



Shake ingredients and pour over ice. Garnish with a cherry on top.


Visit Morgan at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina in West Ashley, Sullivan’s Island, and Mount Pleasant. Follow him on Instagram at @mixpoursurf + @mex1coastalcantina.

- Chris Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

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