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Charleston Wine + Food

Channel your inner #FestivalForager for a chance to WIN!

That’s right, we’re sending you on a culinary adventure!

Starting Wednesday, February 17, we will post a riddle each day to reveal the location of one of our #Foodcabulary words. (Need a little help? All of the riddles are about our festival partners. Use this page to help you.) Each location will have 50 #Foodcabulary cards. You will collect one card per location.

So, how is this going to work?

Here’s the skinny on how to participate:

1. Solve the riddle.

2. Head to the location of the riddle and pick up the #Foodcabulary word card.

3. Take a photo of the #Foodcabulary card and post to Instagram. Tag @chswineandfood and use the hashtags #chswff #festivalforager.

4. Find 4 out of the 5 words and post your photos by Sunday evening at 11:59pm to be entered to win! We will choose three entries at random and announce the winner on Monday, February 22nd by 5pm.

Nitty Gritty Details:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to enter the contest.
  • You must not work for Charleston Wine + Food.
  • The contest will begin Wednesday, February 17th and end Sunday, February 21st.
  • A riddle will post daily to our Instagram account. (1 per day for 5 days)
  • You must collect all 4 out of 5 #Foodcabulary words from the 5 separate locations, post your photos to Instagram, tag @chswineandfood and use the hashtags #chswff #festivalforager.
  • Although this is a contest, this isn’t a race…it’s more like a marathon. As long as you collect all 4 out of 5 foodcabulary words and post before 11:59pm on Sunday, February 21st, you will be eligible to win. You can collect your cards daily or all in one day. We don’t care when/how you collect them, as long as you do!
  • We will choose 3 lucky winners at random. Each selectee will win 2 tickets to a Charleston Wine + Food event. Events available: Culinary Village, Roasted Goat and Toasted: Up in Smoke.
  • Please make sure your posts are public. We will not be able to see posts from a private Instagram account even if you use the appropriate hashtags and tagging.

On Wednesday, February 17th we will post our first riddle to Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on this culinary adventure, and best of luck to all you #festivalforagers! Stay tuned to this blog post throughout the contest. We will post each riddle here.

(*Send any questions to: connect@cwf.obviouslee.com.)

Wednesday’s Riddle 

After 5’oclock my consumption is increased. You could say I’m crafty although I’m not much of a decorator. You won’t find any flowers in my garten. Where am I? #chswff #festivalforagers

Thursday’s Riddle

Containers of liquid line my shelves. To get to me, you must pass over cables where thousands of feet have tread. My street name is known for its famous outdoor and camping gear. Where am I?

Friday’s Riddle

You could say I don’t mix well with others. You may find me in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or soaps.  I hang out in tall skinny bottles at this location on Archdale. Where am I?

Saturday’s Riddle

You could say that I have an eye for design. You eat and cook in what I create. I’m at home all over the world. Where am I?

Sunday’s Riddle

You count sheep in my chambers and shop in my halls. It could be argued that I have the largest Christmas train in town. My grill boasts 4 stars. Where am I?


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