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Food is how a Southerner says hello and welcome. From a glass of sweet iced tea to our grandmother’s favorite family recipe, Southerners have been eating, drinking and sharing our food gospel for generations.

Over the last decade, the culinary scene in Charleston has grown and blossomed into one of the most thriving hospitality communities in the world – our pristine waters, historic downtown, and delicious Lowcountry ingredients make Charleston the quintessential spot to call home (or adopted home).

In 2006, Chef Marc Collins of Circa 1886 asked a simple question: Why? Why doesn’t Charleston have a festival to celebrate its rich food traditions and natural bounty? A group of food (and Charleston) lovers came together, and overseen by Southern Grand Dame Nathalie Dupree, Angel Postell and a host of other innovators, BB&T Charleston Wine + Food was born.

Ten years later, we are looking back in awe and honor of the hard work, community, love, dedication and communion that came before. And we are looking forward to the future of BB&T Charleston Wine + Food. How will our Festival grow and innovate over the next decade while keeping our charm? How do we remain homegrown, fun and festive, while staying fresh and modern? These are questions we ask ourselves everyday, and we are also posing these questions to our community – chefs, restaurant owners, farmers, historians, hoteliers, friends, farmer’s markets, food producers, journalists and more. What we’ve heard are some amazing stories about the festival and the culinary community in Charleston. From new artisanal products conceived, grown and created in the Lowcountry to the struggles and triumphs of perfecting a southern staple to add to a menu, personal stories offer rich insight into our region. They remind us what we savor and celebrate during our annual festival.

That is why we are launching our theme, Storytelling, to honor a decade of BB&T Charleston Wine + Food. Storytelling is as ancient as breaking bread, and it happens naturally, everyday, at tables across America. We hold a special place for storytelling in the south, especially in Charleston, and have so many rich stories about our history, our landscape, our estuaries, our harvests, and our food. The festival seeks to generate, foster, save and nourish these stories, not just at the festival but throughout the year. To revel in the memories, dreams and reflections of festivals of yesteryear, and get excited about the festival to come!

If you haven’t already, mark your calendar. The festival takes place March 4-8, 2015, and we host pre-festival events throughout the year. We officially kick off the celebration of our new event schedule and forthcoming festival on August 27, 2014 at our Ticket Launch Party presented by Limehouse Produce, affectionately called Party @ The Power House. We hope to see you there!


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