When I was 8 years old I would begrudgingly help out at my mom’s Southern California doughnut shop scooping ice cream, glazing hot apple fritters, rolling and frying Cambodian style eggrolls and obsessively playing Ms. Pac-Man when it was slow and my mom wasn’t watching me like a hawk. I swore then I’d never be in the food business, I wanted to sleep in!
Now, 35 years later, I travel to the South 3 times a year because I simply love to eat and am continually educating my palate with the best Southern recipes and BBQ tips I can find to feed my adventurous guests back in the SF Bay Area. I can’t get enough Gumbo, Pirloo, Carolina BBQ, Jambalaya, Ettouffee or my friend Big Lou’s mouth watering Backbone Stew.